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 Kennedi's Application

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PostSubject: Kennedi's Application   Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:09 am

Byond Key:Kennedi

In-Game Name: Kennedi

Estimated time since you started playing: I just started playing this game but i have played many other naurto games.

How often are you online a day:Before school for 30-45 mins. After school from 6:00 - whenever players log off or dont need any more help. Weekends i will be online everydy for atleat 6 hours unless i have things to do.

What you will do with your powers: With my power i will help the players in the game. Help the staff out whenever it is needed and settle debates between players. And of course enforce all the rules.

Why we should choose you:Because i will help the community for this game grow. Because i have alot of exp as a moderator

Previous games you were a moderator on: Dragonball z return of the sayains. Naurto Tenekichi. Dragon ball z Chaotic war

What happened for you not to be anymore:All of these games went down because either the owner quit or it went under new management

Thankyou for taking your time to read , Sincerly Kennedi

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Kennedi's Application
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