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Gaming was never as good as this!
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 Fatal Blow's Game Moderator Application.

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Fatal Blow

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Fatal Blow's Game Moderator Application. Empty
PostSubject: Fatal Blow's Game Moderator Application.   Fatal Blow's Game Moderator Application. EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 10:15 pm

any exp in being staff on a game before,what game, when, for how long, your age, your email:Runescape:4 years,Naruto Ninja Faith:3 months,Bleach Life & Death 1:1 year,Bleach Life & Death 2:2 month then it closed,Bleach by Vcentg:5 an half Months I am 22 almost 23 on March 24,

why you think you would be a good staff member:
Before i even start playing a game i go to the forums an read the rules so i willn't do anything illegal,I am very helpful you can ask around Naruto AfterLife even tho i have some enemies on that game i try to make friends with everyone,i find myself mature i can handle jokes,in my moderator experience i either left the game or the game closed i have never been demoted an i have been highly liked in every game i play.that is some of the reasons i think i would be a good staff member if you need to know more personal stuff please contact me ingame.Also i don't do Friends>rules if one of my friends break a rule i will punish them just like if they were anyone else.
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Fatal Blow's Game Moderator Application.
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